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language of football

Terminology: Footix

One cockerel’s journey from mascot to insult.

Cliché Corner: Very Much So, Clive

In which we take a linguistic look at why Andy Townsend is bad at his job, and celebrate the ‘less is more’ approach to football commentary.

Terminology: Minnow

Looking at the fishy particulars of the word ‘minnow’, and enjoying the Greatest Cup Comeback in History.

The Bad Language of Football, starring Zlatan Ibrahimović

Exploring Zlatan’s foul, multilingual mouth, via the psychology of swearing and Roy Keane’s disregard for basic biology.

Swede FA: Feminism and the Language of Football

A teenager takes on the Swedish FA and succeeds in making the rulebook gender neutral. Will FIFA follow suit?

Cliché Corner: Van Gaal’s Other Biscuit

In which the Manchester United manager and Josh Homme-a-like compares Chelsea to a biscuit, and we have a jolly good look at why.

Euro 2016 Profiles: Slovenia

Slovenia are a fascinating bunch, absorbing Romance, Germanic, and Finno Urgic influences into a glorious Slavic whole. Find out why Slovene is so romantic, how to cuss the referee and who exactly the Frog People are.

Terminology: Rabona

A journey down the origins of the ‘rabona’, from playing hooky, to tailless animals and military prostitutes.

Player Pronunciation: Ole Gunnar Solskjær

As a first entry on this blog, the name of the aforementioned, much-loved super sub is perhaps as good a start as any, representing as it does an example of how previously unfamiliar, non-native pronunciations can adapt into common awareness and usage.

The joy of Peter Reid’s colourful language

The Guardian reminded me today of the classic documentary Premier Passions, a five-part series following Peter Reid and his Sunderland side during their doomed Premier League campaign of 1996/1997.

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