The Language of Football



European football’s top 5 words for a nutmeg

5 ways to describe football’s most humiliating move.

4 signature moves in European football (featuring Papin, Cruyff, Zlatan)

Saluting the players who have had the honour of seeing their name become a footballing thing.

Naming and claiming the Panenka in Italy

How Panenka’s signature move arrived in Italy, and ended up with a whole new name.

How different languages view football’s number 10

From the hook, to the holy, to the half-hearted, how the AMC is described around the world.

Terminology: Footix

One cockerel’s journey from mascot to insult.

Terminology: Mascot

The unsettling origins of what is, let’s be honest, an unsettling phenomenon.

Terminology: Minnow

Looking at the fishy particulars of the word ‘minnow’, and enjoying the Greatest Cup Comeback in History.

Terminology: Calcio

Violent noblemen in fancy costumes fighting over a cow? That’s right, it’s the birth of Italian football.

Terminology: Hooligan

Exploring the etymology of the hooligan, taking in music hall, the fighting Irish and a spectacular brain-turd from the Thatcher era.

Terminology: Soccer

A contentious word among English football fans, but it turns out we’ve only ourselves to blame…

Terminology: Rabona

A journey down the origins of the ‘rabona’, from playing hooky, to tailless animals and military prostitutes.

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