The Language of Football



Why European football needs English, but not The English

Talking Brexit and football’s second language.

Interview with Marc Joss: football translator and interpreter (part 2)

In part two, we talk to Marc about his interpreting work with the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham.

Interview with Marc Joss: football translator and interpreter (part 1)

In the first of a two-parter, we chat with football translator and interpreter Marc Joss about the translation side of his work.

Swede FA: Feminism and the Language of Football

A teenager takes on the Swedish FA and succeeds in making the rulebook gender neutral. Will FIFA follow suit?

How long before David Moyes “does a Shteve”?

The resurrection of David Moyes in Spain brings inevitable comparisons to recent expatriates who dared leave the Premier League and embrace different cultures/affect a silly accent.

Every day, when I wake up, I thank the Lord I’m Welsh!

It is heartening to hear that the Wales national team manager, Chris Coleman, is taking Welsh language lessons, in an effort to better engage with native speakers at the Welsh FA and across the nation.

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