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Diego Simeone and the language of motivation

He doesn’t just push his players, he stretches at their limits until they twang. But what really stands out about Diego Simeone is his ability to keep that going over such a long period of time. There has been many… Continue Reading →

On Bristol Rovers, Boca Juniors and the power of reappropriation

Language is power, and by reclaiming insults and abuse fans can take control of that power. Featuring vultures, pigs and whole heap of horse poo.

Language of a moment: Zidane 2006

As a change of pace, we wrote a piece for In Bed with Maradona. It looks at how the French media came to terms with Zidane’s headbutt in 2006, and the language they used to do so.

How different languages view football’s number 10

From the hook, to the holy, to the half-hearted, how the AMC is described around the world.

Beyond Gegenpressing: the language of tactical innovation in German football

Looking at tactical developments in German football, and the complex, resourceful language that gave them form.

Too many Messis: The plural individual

In the first of hopefully many guest contributions, Dr Wilfred Jack Rhoden has written a piece on your Sherwoods, your Nevilles, your Scholes, your Camerons and even your Dickens. That’s right, the case of the plural proper noun, in football and beyond…

Who needs English when you can speak football?

Gabriel Paulista may not speak a word of the Queen’s but he can always rely on the language spoken by his hands, feet and head. Is spoken English entirely necessary in order to succeed as a footballer in the UK?

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